Marina Koestler Ruben

Blog Posts: October 2011

Crafting a Thesis Statement

Most traditional essays include a thesis statement, which is where a writer states the paper's central point.  Though there are exceptions, basic thesis statements are generally one sentence long and located at the beginning or end of the paper's introductory paragraph.

A strong thesis statement...

Once you've written a thesis statement, you want to make sure that your topic sentences support it.  I recommend writing your thesis statement and topic sentences before you tackle the rest of your paper.  You might need to sort evidence/quotes into the paragraphs where they'll eventually go, but don't write out your entire paper until you're sure that the structure is strong and logical.


To read more about creating effective thesis statements:

Read "Creating a Strong Thesis" from the University of Texas at Austin.

Check out Virgil, an online writing tutorial from the UT Undergraduate Writing Center.  They walk you through any topic, prompting you with questions to provide more accurate assistance.  Here's part of the thesis segment.  The UWC also has helpful handouts.

Try "Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements," from the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Read Full Post.