Why I Love the Penderwicks

Extreme Parenting

A How to Tutor blog reader (and mother of four), Sarah Lake, sent me this comment: I really love the way that you encourage parents to capitalize on teachable moments. I have spent years thinking that teaching my kids needs to be a formal affair, but that’s far from true!  Such a nice reminder, as much of our education comes … Read more

Discussion Questions: Oprah’s Documentary Club “Life 2.0”

Oprah's Documentary Club

This weekend I watched Life 2.0 (2010), the August film for the Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN’s) documentary club.  Life 2.0 follows players of Second Life.  If you’re new to the name, Second Life is “the Internet’s largest user-created, 3D virtual world community.” Every user creates an avatar, an in-world character whose physical characteristics the user controls.  Once enveloped in Second … Read more

My Reading List: 25 Books of The Year

My Reading List: 25 Books of The Year

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the number of books I would need to read to be a “well-educated” person.  Every time a colleague references a “classic” that I haven’t conquered, I cringe and add it to a Word document full of unread literature.  I also fall prey to guilt-inducing, bookseller-funded Top Book lists: “The Top 10 … Read more